About Amel's custom tattoo designs

Amen is one of our exceptional tattoo artists at Red Raven Tatoos and Piercings in Utica, NY.

Come visit Amel or Facebook messenger him to plan your next tattoo!  There isn't any design you can't throw at him that he can't turn into a tattoo.  With a lean towards realism Amel creates arm tattoos, shoulder tattoos, hand tattoos, leg tattoos, back tattoos, thigh tattoos, behind the ear tattoos, and more. 


Have you always wanted a tiger tattoo, skull tattoo, elephant tattoo, or did you want a more traditional rose or name tattoo? Amel can do it all!  With custom tattoo designs you think of the amazing tattoos and he will create it.  He will even do couple tattoos!  Reach out today to start planning your next tattoo!